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Nogales2.jpgNogales is a truly unique city, one that maintains both an international flavor and the essence of small-town hospitality. Locals use the term Ambos Nogales (meaning "both Nogales") to describe the binational community. And though Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora are divided by an international border, our communities are united by our families and mixed cultures.

Named after the abundance of Walnut Trees that flourished here in 1882, Nogales serves as the Santa Cruz County Seat and one of the largest ports of entry between the United States and Mexico. Almost 50% of the nation’s produce passes though its gateways each year, and it is an important retail hub for Northern Mexico, with an estimated 60% of sales tax revenues coming in from the more than 50,000 shoppers who cross the border daily.

Karam Park, located in the heart of downtown, is still an oasis where local residents from both sides of the border gather to sit and visit with one another. On any major holiday, visitors can enjoy parades featuring high school marching bands, emergency response vehicles, Folklorico dancers and Mariachi music. Tasty treats featuring traditional American fare and authentic Mexican recipes alike can be had for the asking at any of our wonderful restaurants, diners, and roadside stands.

The multitude of ethnicities—Spanish, Asian, Native American, and early Europeans—that have shaped Nogales since its humble beginnings are evident today in the diversity of shops and architectural styles that line the award-winning Arizona Main Street downtown community, which includes over 140 establishments. Historic buildings, such as the Santa Cruz County 1904 Courthouse and the Pimeria Alta Museum, are home to many of the area’s most sacred, historic treasures.