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Senior Citizens

One of the most significant social trends of the new century will be the graying of the population, a fact that raises serious questions for everyone concerned with traffic safety and education.

In 1990, elderly drivers accounted for 6.7 percent of all miles driven. By 2030, according to our conservative estimate, elderly drivers will account for 18.9 percent of all vehicle miles driven, almost triple the 1990 figure. Based on current rates, the numbers of elderly traffic fatalities will more than triple by the year 2030.

Older drivers are more likely than younger ones to be involved in multi-vehicle crashes, particularly at intersections. They're also more likely than younger drivers to be seriously injured in a crash because their bodies are simply less able to withstand an impact. This raises the likelihood of increased medical and insurance costs in the future.

AARP offers a safe driving course for drivers who are 55 years of older. Some insurance companies offer drivers who have completed the course a discount. You can call AARP toll free at 1-888-AARP-NOW (1-888-227-7669) to locate the class nearest to you