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Volunteer Program

IMG_2490.JPGSanta Cruz County Sheriff’s Volunteer Program was established in 2001 and was the second program of its kind in the State of Arizona. Citizen’s Assist is comprised of trained citizen volunteers who assist the Sheriff's Department with prescribed duties and value added services that allow Deputies to focus more on crime reduction. Volunteers are deployed during peak hours to assist our patrol officers with special details, direct traffic at large community activities, and work major events that require extra assistance.

Law Enforcement Assist Team
Members of the Law Enforcement Assist Team must pass background checks and screening and must pass the tests and training programs of the Sheriff’s Office deputies. This includes Defensive Driving training, TASER and Pepper Spray training and firearms certification. Some of the duties that these volunteers will be able to do at the completion of their training include:

  • Investigate both home and business alarm calls 
  • Respond to 911 calls where there is no history of violence at the address 
  • Traffic Collisions on private property 
  • Traffic Control 
  • Preserving Evidence at Crime Scenes 
  • Motorist Assist Calls 
  • Assist Patrol with prisoner transport 
  • Provide assistance to deputies on scene of calls
  • Special Events 

Currently, the Sheriff’s Office has 16 active volunteers and is looking to increase participation in this program. Anyone interested in joining the LEA Program can contact Commander Gerardo Castillo at (520) 761-7869.